The project included dismantling of the old Bay Bridge, including the main truss of 1,400-ft span, the 504-ft truss and the 288-ft trusses.

JMEC has been structural consultant for the evaluation of various dismantling sequences and strengthening  schemes submitted by the Contractor to ensure a safe dismantling operation.

Working with Caltrans and TYLI, JMEC reviewed construction submittals and verified the bridge dismantling sequence for the 1,400-ft truss by performing stage by stage bridge removal analyses using SAP2000 computer program.  In addition, various dismantling schemes for the 504-ft and 288-ft trusses have been evaluated.

The 1,400 feet truss was successful cut in half and reverted to its original cantilever condition on April 2, 2014.
Project Role:  Subconsultant for Bridge Design

Clients:  California Department of Transportation
               T.Y. Lin International

Special Issues:  Challenges in minimizing permits, and to ensure overall bridge stability and seismic resistance during various phase of dismantling operation.

Schedule:  Construction was completed in 2018

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Stage Dismantling Analysis Model for Existing 1,400-ft Cantilever Truss and 504-ft Truss
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Dismantling of 1,400-ft Main Span was almost completed on January 19, 2015