The project included an evaluation and retrofit design for seismic, wind and hardening strategies for a suspension bridge with a main span of 4,200 feet.

JMEC has been structural consultant for the evaluation of dynamic response and frequency analysis of the bridge deck, and for the retrofit design of the orthotropic deck.  JMEC has performed seismic evaluation and retrofit strategies determination for the two undercrossings, and is the independent checker for the retrofit design.

The deck response along the length of the bridge was analyzed by performing linear time history analyses for various local deck models with multiple support displacements input obtained from a global bridge analysis by ADINA structural analysis program.  The time histories were applied at both ends of truss and at suspender locations.
Project Role:  Subconsultant for Bridge Design

Clients:  Golden Gate Bridge District
               HDR Engineering

Schedule:  Design was completed in 2019
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Deck-Truss Analysis Model near San Francisco Tower with Multiple Support Displacement Time Histories applied to Spring Locations
(Deformed and Undeformed Geometry shown)
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