WHAT WE DO:  JMEC has experience in the design and construction of many types of retaining walls and structures.   Whether it is a Caltrans standard retaining wall, tall counterfort wall, non-standard wall, crib wall, shotcrete wall with rock bolts or rock anchors, soldier pile timber lagging or concrete lagging wall, MSE wall, or walls with tie-backs for slope stabilization, JMEC can help in evaluating alternatives and design the right retaining wall and structure for the project.

Feasibility Studies
WHAT WE DO:  JMEC performs feasibility studies and prepares project reports summarizing alternatives considered, and identifying costs, environmental and other impacts.   Whether it is a bridge, a building, a transit facility or an airport runway, JMEC can help you to make a practical decision.

Construction Management & Construction Phase Services
WHAT WE DO:  JMEC provides construction engineering services, structural observation and inspection, and coordinates various special inspections.  JMEC helps to evaluate bids, comparing costs vs. construction progress, monitoring material testings, and help resolving field issues.  Whether it is a building, a bridge, a tie-back wall or a transit facility, JMEC can help.

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Bridge Inspection and Bridge Load Rating
WHAT WE DO:  JMEC provides bridge routine and damage inspection and bridge load rating evaluations, including the use of LRFR rating method for legal and permit loads per NBIS, FHWA and AASHTO MBE requirements.   Inspection service is for visual and NDE bridge inspection method.  From 1999 to 2000, JMEC has inspected, created as-built drawings, performed load rating and evaluated more than 30 bridges constructed of timber, steel and concrete out of more than 100 bridges for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.  From 2000 to 2006, JMEC has inspected and evaluated 6 steel bridges including a steel arch, a steel truss, a steel plate girder, and 3 Bailey bridges for the USDA Forest Service - Region 5.  Recently, JMEC is working on bridge load rating per Caltrans BLRM, and has completed a safety evaluation of 3 bridges in the Mt. Diablo Golf Course and a NDE inspection of the Bridge over Contra Costa Channel at Detroit Avenue, Concord, CA.

Bridge Inspection and Bridge Load Rating
Soquel Ditch Bridge
San Bernardino National Forest, CA