If you need an emergency repair or need to correct substandard bridge structures, JMEC can help by offering services including field visits, inspection services, structural design, civil and roadway design, design reports, preparation of construction documents and construction cost estimating.

JMEC has been prime design consultant for the rehabilitation and retrofit of the Deep Creek Bridge.  It is a 160-ft steel arch found on rock.  The arch span is 106-ft.

JMEC was original tasked to rehabilitate the bridge to improve bridge railings and its approach railings, to stabilize the slope and to perform seismic evaluation and retrofit design based on ATC-32 seismic design criteria.  However, the San Bernardino Forest Fire of 2003 destroyed the bridge before the project was advertised for bid.

JMEC was then tasked to add the bridge reconstruction to the project.   The partially collapsed bridge was inspected to ensure it was safe to reconstruct.  The damaged steel members were removed and spliced with new members, and a new bridge deck was then added.  Surrounding trees were removed to minimize the risk of tree falling onto the bridge.   The retrofit included:
  • Reconstruct partially collapsed bridge and replace bridge deck
  •  Repair cracked bracing due to freezing and thawing
  • Strengthen arch support connections
  • Add sacked concrete slope protection
  • Add cable railings to bridge
  • Add approach railings
  • Add lateral bracing
  • Add abutment bolster
  • Repaint the bridge
Project Role:  Prime Design Consultant

Clients:  USDA Forest Service

Special Issues:  Some of the minor deformed steel members were actually straightened in the field and re-used in the reconstruction to save costs.

Schedule:  Construction was completed in 2006
Bridge after Reconstruction
and Retrofit
Bridge after the Forest Fire
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