Professional Registrations

Civil Engineer in CA - C82090
Structural Engineer in CA - S6778


B.S. - Civil Engineering,
University of California, Irvine, 2010

M.S. - Structural Engineering,
University of California, Los Angeles, 2011

Professional Membership:

Mr. Chan has more than 16 years of analysis and design experience in bridges, transit structures, high speed rail structures and buildings.  He has experience in performing complex nonlinear 3-dimensional structural analyses involving time dependent and stage construction, dynamic structural analyses and rail-structure interaction analyses.   He is instrumental and proficient in using bridge analysis and design programs including CSiBridge, SAP2000, ADINA, Plaxis, and AutoCAD for structural and bridge detailing.  

He participated in evaluating and redesigning seismic isolation bearings for the East Fork Road Bridge Seismic Retrofit for the Los Angeles County Public Works that won the ASCE MLAB Outstanding Structural Engineering Project of the Year Award 2016 and ASCE LAS Structural Engineering Award of the Year 2016. He has been project engineer for the Portola Road Bridge Replacement Project for the Town of Woodside that won an APWA Santa Clara Project of the Year 2022 Award.

He has experience in bridge evaluation using AASHTO MBE and CSiBridge, including the recent bridge evaluation for two bridges for the Town of Woodside, load rating evaluation of three bridges for the City of Concord, and safe load dismantling operation for various construction stages used for the Dismantling of the Old Bay Bridge and the Gerald Desmond Bridge.

As assistant engineer, he has performed building survey and construction observation for URM building retrofit, and completed design of soldier pile retaining wall and tie-back wall.  As bridge engineer, he has completed pushover analysis for a line segment of the BART aerial structure; evaluated the design of a bent cap and CISS piles for the seismic retrofit of the 325-foot Marsh Drive Bridge; and designed soldier pile retaining walls for the W. El Pintado Roadway Repair.   He has participated in designing the foundation retrofit for the BART aerial structures for Operability Retrofit.

His experience in major bridge and long span bridge projects, included performing deck-truss interaction analysis and determined deck retrofit for the Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project.  He worked with the Old Bay Bridge Dismantling team and completed the evaluation of contractor's demolition sequence for the 1,400-ft cantilever truss, the 504-ft truss and the 288-ft truss.  He has served in the capacity of design reviewer and checker for a PCM team for the construction of a 36-km of elevated roadway for the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works.  Currently, he is the project engineer for the demolition of the Old Gerald Desmond Bridge for the Port of Long Beach and complete a bridge dismantling sequence per AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications and AASHTO MBE.  As Independent Check Engineer for the California High Speed Rail Construction Package 4 (CP-4), he has performed many special and nonlinear analyses to ensure that the structure design satisfies the requirements as specified in the HSR Design Criteria Manual for various load combinations, dynamic structural response and track serviceability requirements. He has been design checker for two bridge replacement projects under the Federal Highway Bridge Program (HBP) for the Town of Woodside.

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Highlight of Experiences
  • Over 16 years of Experience
  • Bridges & Buildings Design
  • Conventional & Long Span Bridges
  • Rail and Transit Structures
  • Analysis of Complex Structures
  • Caltrans Experience
  • Bridge Load Rating by LRFR Method
  • Stage Construction
  • Design-Build Projects