JMEC has been civil engineer and provided design and construction phase engineering services for a drainage improvements project to minimize the risks of localized flooding and extensive buildup of sediment that ends up clogging the existing drainage system.

During the large storm of 2017, the Town of Danville drainage system was overwhelmed and compromised its performance with excessive storm runoff and debris, resulting in localized flooding and sediment buildup due to clogging of existing storm drain inlet structures and trash racks at several locations.

The Town of Danville have obtained FEMA funds for a Storm Drainage Improvements Project that involves installing storm drain trash tacks and other drainage improvements at 3 locations. These three locations include 1047 Westridge Avenue, 232 Loch Lomond Way and 401 Starview Drive.

The work at the Starview Drive included removing existing 42" RCP inlet headwall, added drain inlet with top and side openings and connecting the drain inlet to existing 42" RCP, constructed gabion walls, widened the creek near pipe inlet and added trash rack. One drainage inlet was added on Starview Drive to ease storm runoff.

The work at Loch Lomond included constructing a swale to direct flow from the creek to a 4' wide CIP reinforced concrete channel running approximately parallel to the driveway of 232 Loch Lomond Way. Flow in the channel was designed to discharge to Loch Lomond Way. Inlet with 3 openings and with top grating was added and a trash rack was constructed in front of the 18" RCP inlet. Trees were replanted along the concrete channel. In the design phase, JMEC helped the Town to acquire additional easement for the planned improvements from property owner.

The work at Westridge included constructing CIP catch basins in existing walkway between existing CMU walls to collect overflow from the existing concrete channel. Trash rack was added in the concrete channel to prevent debris from entering the 42" RCP. Existing CMU wall was removed and reconstructed to construct the new catch basins and maintenance walkway was added along the existing channel. One drainage inlet was added on Westridge Avenue to ease storm runoff.

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Project Role:  Civil Engineer

Clients:  Town of Danville

Schedule:  Construction was completed in 12/2023
Drainage Swale and Concrete Channel at Loch Lomond Way Site
Maintenance Walkway and Trash Rack at Westridge Drive Site
(Catch Basins are at the turn)
Trash Rack and Gabion Walls at
Starview Drive Site