JMEC has been structural consultant to support a Bridge Inspection and Rehabilitation Project. Work included providing special bridge analysis capability to support bridge inspection findings and recommendations, including bridge load rating.

Bridge load rating calculations were calculated by Load and Resistance Factor Rating (LRFR) to determine rating factor for AASHTO legal vehicles, special hauling vehicles (SHVs) and emergency vehicles (EVs). Work included preparing Preliminary Load Rating Report (PLRR) and Load Rating Summary Sheet (LRSS) per Caltrans. Load Rating was completed for Toll Plaza Undercrossing, Lincoln Avenue Undercrossing, North Anchorage Housing and North Viaduct Beam Span.

Both simplified procedures using AASHTO LRFD BDS to calculate LLDF values and 3-D Finite Element Analysis Model using CSiBridge computer software were used. Condition Factors based on findings shown in the Inspection Reports were used in calculating member capacities based on condition of concrete and steel structures per AASHTO MBE.

Project Role:  Bridge Design & Load Rating Consultant

Clients:  Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, HDR

Schedule:  Completed in 2023
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Toll Plaza Undercrossing
North Anchorage Housing